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Introducing the Pulse Property Podcast!


We've teamed up with Bramleys Estate Agents to bring you all the key information when it comes to buying and selling your house. Not only that, we'll cover an array of other house market/property subjects ranging from commercial properties to letting queries and mortgages to surveying.

Every other Friday we'll launch our property podcast for you to download... containing our "topic of the week" to help make moving house that little bit easier!


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Listen to the second episode of the Pulse 2 Property Podcast with Bramleys Estate Agents...

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Listen to the first episode of the Pulse 2 Property Podcast with Bramleys Estate Agents...

Date: 16/03/2018 - Duration: 02:18

Bramleys - The Property People

From its establishment in 1958 Bramleys has been proud of its ability to offer a range of integrated property solutions and advice to the owners of properties of all types and sizes. Our track record and commitment to excellence is unrivalled in the sector and Bramleys has built an enviable reputation based on quality of service, value for money and professional integrity. Buying, selling or letting houses is a major event in all our lives and one which is financially and emotionally charged. Therefore it is important to choose the very best partner you can to help you through this often stressful time.

For companies, the transitory nature of the industrial and commercial property market means that any business looking to buy, sell, rent or lease commercial property must seek out the very best advice before committing to what could be a costly decision.

Bramleys provide a full range of professional property services for private individuals and businesses. Owned and run by its 5 partners Bramleys are proud to retain a network of regional offices covering Huddersfield, Calderdale, Mirfield and the Spen Valley to ensure you are never far away from our people. Bramleys have adopted a progressive and innovative approach in all aspects of our operation and provide buyers and sellers alike access to highly qualified and trained staff including 6 members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a staff of over 50 professionals, valuers and support staff throughout its 5 office network.

Property FAQs

I want to sell a property. What do I do first?

First of all you need to receive a valuation to find out how much your home is worth. We recommend asking at least three different estate agents to value your home. Ask them about the services they offer, the current state of the local market, and the purchase price you can hope you achieve. Make and plan and how this sits with your priorities and timescales. Ensure that the agents are either a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or a NAEA 'Property Mark' agent which indicates they are a member of the National Association of Estate Agents.

Do I need an EPC?

In England, all sellers are required to obtain an EPC for a property before they sell it. Estate agents must display the EPC rating whenever they market the property, Bramleys can do this for you if you require.
In Scotland, the seller is required to purchase a Home Report, which is a more complete report detailing the condition of the property. An EPC is included in this report.

What is conveyancing?

‘Conveyancing’ is everything that needs to happen to legally transfer your home to the buyer. You will need a solicitor to make it happen. We can introduce you to a local solicitor.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

No. The buyer is responsible for paying Stamp Duty.

Will my property be surveyed?

In England you do not need to arrange a survey, but it is likely that the buyer will, and so a surveyor will arrange an appointment to visit your home. The five key things a surveyor will be looking for are problems with utilities, damp, cracking, problems with roofs, and timber defects. In addition, your buyer’s mortgage lender will organise a mortgage valuation to confirm that the property is worth the money being lent.
In Scotland you must organise a Home Report for your property. A Home Report is a pack of three documents that give buyers a clear picture of the condition of the property for sale: the Single Survey which details the condition of the property; the Energy Report which gives the property an energy efficiency rating; and the Property Questionnaire which outlines other key information such as the property’s council tax band.

What are searches?

As part of the conveyancing process, your buyer’s solicitor will perform searches of Land Registry and Local Authority information in relation to your home. They will be checking for planning history, and any potential developments, planning issues, drainage and mining.

When do I sign the contract?

Once the sale has been agreed, your solicitor will draft a contract. The seller’s solicitor will confirm the details of the property and perform searches. At the same time, the buyer’s mortgage lender will conduct a mortgage valuation and send a mortgage offer to the buyer. When all of this is complete, you will be ready to sign the contract and agree the completion date.

When is the buyer or seller bound to the sale or purchase?

The seller or the buyer can pull out of the sale at any time and for any reason until the point that both solicitors agree to exchange contracts.

How is a completion date chosen?

This is done in conjunction with both Solicitors involved in your transaction and any others if there is a longer chain. They will speak to their clients and agree a date which suits all parties and the agree to legally exchange contracts with a completion date.

Where are my title deeds?

Your title deeds give proof of ownership of the property and will need to be transferred to the buyer as part of the conveyancing process. These are usually held by your mortgage lender, and it will be your solicitor’s responsibility to obtain these.

What do I have to leave in the property?

You are not required to leave any furniture or furnishings in the property, but you may agree to include some as part of the negotiations of the sale.

When do I have to move out?

The contract will specify the completion day, and usually the buyer will be asked to collect the keys to their new home from the estate agent. In most cases the seller is asked to vacate the property by 12pm.

Do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?

In most cases you are only required to pay Capital Gains Tax if the property is not your main home.

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