Proper Job Challenge - Sabre

Friday the 24th of October sees the return of Make A Difference Day here at Pulse 1…Jacqui Blay has been challenged once again to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice by... GETTTING A “PROPER JOB”!

The jobs are coming in thick and fast and Jacqui's first 'job' was at Sabre Ocean Solutions working on shipping items globally!

The lovely team at Sabre are based in Cleckheaton but ship items around the world. Jacqui spent the day with team Sabre processing orders of containers to travel from China and Taiwan back to the UK arranging customs, duty and quotes.
Jacqui's best skill was making the brews!  Thank you to all at Sabre for putting up with our Jacqui and your massive £500 donation to Kirkwood Hospice!