Little Germany Pancake Race

Alex and Becky wanted to take part in your Pancake Race, and the guys at Approach PR got in touch to tell us about the race they were organising in Little Germany between local businesses. There were two heats: Becky raced in the first, Alex raced in the second. The winner and runner-up from each heat would all go head-to-head in the final...

Heat One: Becky started well, dropped her pancake, then just carried on tossing a 'pretend pancake'. Finished: 2nd-to-last Place.
Heat Two: Alex started poorly, climbed to 2nd place, slipped back to 3rd, then won back 2nd at the line. Finished: 2nd Place.
The Final: Alex started well, but then his trousers started falling down... Then he dropped his pancake... Finished: Last Place.