Dragon Boat Festival 2019

Well done Pulse 2 who came in 10th position out of 40+ teams at the festival and Pulse 1 came in 7th!

Pulse 2 were against Team GB U18's and the Army in the first race with Team GB winning but it was a close call with the army
Pulse 2 clocked in 1:09:29 against the 4th Battalion The Parachute Regiment's 1:09:23

Pulse 1 won their first two races and narrowly missed out on their third to Pulse 2!!!
Pulse 1 clocked a 1:10:00 race with Pulse 2 grabbing a victory with a time of 1:09.32 - and this is when the drummer Sarah fell off the drum into the water - eeek

Then of course it was the media cup where the top 3 teams of the 4 raced - Pulse 1, Pulse 2 and BBC Yorkshire and Pulse 1 WON!!!!

Bradford Dragon Boat Festival 2019
Jacqui with Steve the Shirt and Di from Di's Pies

Cover art for Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own)

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Old Skool Anthems playing Soul Central Feat. Kathy Brown - Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own)

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