A WARNING TO PARENTS - Kids are being sent home from school for having their hair cut like THIS!!

I'm sure we've all been guilty of being enslaved to some pretty mental fads that we've followed simply for the sake of being on-trend. 

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Let's not beat around the bush, most of these crimes against fashion are committed during our school years. 

And, sure enough, there's yet another new one sweeping the nation... 


The 'Meet Me at McDonalds'

And here it is..



Fascinating!! We can't blame these lads, though, we've all fallen victim to following the popular look, regardless of whether it's actually decent. 

Here are some blasts from the past we've found... 


1) At the time, John Travolta's suit in Saturday Night Fever was everything most teenage males aspired to be! 



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2) Ah, that neon Lycra of the 80s... what were we thinking?!



3) Not to mention the super powered mullet/perm that most of us went for! 





4) Denim on denim ruled supreme in the 90s, not to mention frilly socks and jelly shoes, triple whammy!! 



5) This just sums up pretty much every trend in the 90s. 




Which crazy fashion trends have you been guilty of following??