**Warning** this is THE cutest video you'll EVER see!

What would you do if you saw an injured animal? 

 Rosie was out walking her dog (ironically called Dorothy Squirrel) when she saw what she thought was a dead baby squirrel laying on the ground. HOWEVER the baby squirrel was still trying to hold onto life and was still breathing. 

She wrapped him in her jumper and took him home to warm him up, expecting him to not last the night. 

Oh and she named him Steve.... 


It wasn't looking good for little Steve, he wasn't eating and just wouldn't wake up. 

Rosie and her husband took it in turns to get up through the night for feeds to give Steve the best chance in life...

and then something happened...

Steve came round.


and with the help of Rosie's bald cat Keith, Steve started eating....



Check out the CUTEST video you will EVER SEE of little Steve... 


Well someone’s feeling better... #SteveSquirrel

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Steve now thinks Rosie is his new mum and loves nothing better than to fall asleep in her hands. 



Steve will be heading to a rescue and lives to see another day. 


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