This is what happened at Rosie's Wedding: Would you CRY if this was YOUR wedding cake???

Our Disney loving Rosie has finally found her Prince Charming in the form of a mustard trouser and velvet jacket wearing Yorkshire man.

On August 12th 2017 her and Matt finally tied the knot in the most hilarious and personal service ever...

They wrote their own vows for each other.... Matt promised to Rosie that if he was ever sent into space he wouldn't "have an affair with a sexy martian"

and in Rosie's vow....well she promised to be "open and honest" then went on to tell him about that time she accidentally KERBED his new Audi.


All the décor was from their crazy house and yup...the horse even made it to the party!

To find out the FULL STORY on how Rosie came to owning an 8ft horse...CLICK HERE.

Now, the cake! Rosie's dad offered to make their wedding cake for them. Sounds like a lovely gesture doesn't it? Well this would be if it came for someone who can BAKE!! Papa Madison was only make scrambled egg but he tried at least. He copied a £400,000 wedding cake design he found and thought he could EASILY recreate it with the used of a few ice cream cones.

Was is a success?

You decide......


We can't work out if this is THE BEST or the WORST wedding cake we've ever seen!!

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