Super Nice Ness: Her Story!

We received some really devastating news the recently that one of our regular listeners, Super Nice Ness, has been diagnosed with cancer. 




As Ness explained, the type of cancer she has is endometrial (cancer of the womb), and Ness has had to have hers removed to prevent her cancer spreading further. She has good days and bad days, but overall we're glad to say her prognosis is looking positive.  

Super Nice Ness was brave enough to share her story with us, in the hope that doing so will help just one other person going through the same thing. 


"The only thing I would like to say to anyone, regardless of gender, is if something doesn’t feel or look right then please get it checked out. I almost didn’t bother, but I then decided a few minutes of embarrassment was worth peace of mind. Whilst mine wasn’t good news, it could have been so so much worse if I had left it. So please, get it checked out." 


We supported Ness in any way we could  and we'd like to that you from the bottom of our hearts if you got in touch with words of  support for Super Nice Ness, all of which have helped her get through a really difficult time. 



This morning we had to call Ness to find out how she got on at the Specialist yesterday. She was finding out if her cancer had spread or not.


LISTEN to Super Nice Ness' news HERE:


Super Nice Ness, we here at Pulse 1 are so so proud of you and your bravery.

We hope that Ness' story has helped just one other person going through their own battle with cancer.