News man Dan's best mate gave him THE BIGGEST surprise of his life!

We all love surprising people- whether it's a thoughtful gift, a wedding proposal, or even a bunch of flowers, it's ace to surprise your significant others with all kinds of stuff. 


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News man Dan’s best mate Alan was living in Australia for 6 months. He WAS expecting him to come back, but maybe not so soon...


Lo and behold, Alan came back and completely surprised him in a restaurant!!! 

Dan EVEN spoke to him an hour before and sneaky Alan pretended he was still in Australia! AWWWW!


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We want to hear about the ways you've surprised someone, or how has someone surprised YOU? 

Check out these heartwarming surprises we've found on the internet and grab your tissues...


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1) Adele snuck up on some of her tribute acts with Graham Norton and the Reactions are priceless! 


2) Sometimes the littlest things, mean everything


3) Imagine singing an Ed Sheeran tune, and who jumps up to join in... Ed himself! 


4) Love Actually and puppies... name me a better combination, I'll wait! 


5) And, of course, who could complain about surprise pizza?! 



Surprises are just the best! These just give you that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly. Wonderful!