Wait... Rosie's dog did WHAT?!?!

We all love our canine companions, arguably sometimes more than some human members of our family.

But sometimes you just have to admit that they can be a bit naughty! 




The usually ever-lovely Dorothy Squirrel, Rosie's new greyhound, WASN'T so lovely this weekend, when she decided to BURST into the local co-op, and even snaffle her way into the bakery to indulge herself!! 

*Cue mental image of Rosie running around the shop to the Benny Hill theme tune!* 




From chewing everything possible in your home, to yelping into the endless hours of the night, they can do just about anything to wind us up. 

We want to know... what antics has YOUR dog got up to in the past which have driven you BARKING mad?..

Here are some proper HOWLERS that we found from DIGGING around social media.. (sorry!)





1) NOOOO.. not the office supplies!! 


2) WHAT have you been eating?!!




3) They just LOVE to eat everything WE want! 


4) WHY can't they just leave things where they are?! 



5) This pug has interesting cravings.. 


6) And finally, what a water baby! BAD DOG!