Rosie makes Mylo TOUR West Yorkshire

The Tour De Yorkshire 2018 has hit and it's the FOURTH one since it started in 2015.

The men's race covers a whopping 442 miles over four stages and the women's is 159 miles over two stages. 

It's expected that a over 2 million people will hit the streets to show their support the the riders, how cool is that?

It's times like these that make you proud you're from West Yorkshire doesn't it?


Now of course Mylo & Rosie love all things YORKSHIRE and felt it only right to get involved in this amazing event that hits our area this bank holiday weekend.

Our Rosie had a LITTLE accident (hence the crutches) so decided it only right that she stick "never exercised in my life" Mylo on a bike to try out some of the route.....

This is THE first time we've ever felt sorry for Mylo... only a little bit though. 


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