Remember the video of the AMAZING woman & that busker? You'll never guess what's happened to her since!!!

Remember that video of the woman on a night out in Leeds who just started singing with that busker? It seemed innocent enough at the time but what happened next was AMAZING!!

Already it's had over 15 million views and Mylo & Rosie wanted to find out just WHO this BRILLIANT mystery woman was....

People of Yorkshire meet one of your own, the amazing Jade Helliwell!



Producer J was on the case and tracked down the lovely Jade from Batley who came in to tell Mylo & Rosie all about her new found fame!

Jade's a teaching assistant by trade who does singing on the side. Since her video BROKE the internet, her own album got to NUMBER 1 in the Country music album charts. WOW!

NOT ONLY THAT but Jade's been approached by Charlotte Church's & Pixie Lott's management so watch this space!!

Jade said: "We were just walking between bars, I wanted to get a taxi but my friends told me to stop being lazy and just walk. Probably the best decision of my life, I owe them a drink for that! If I'm honest I'd had a few gins before I sang! It's been the craziest week of my life! I'm just grateful I'm allowed all the time off from school".