CHECK OUT what happened on Mylo's Trip to America....

When Cas Vegas met Las Vegas (and LA but that doesn't rhyme).

Our Mylo's been away from the show for the past couple of weeks on a mate's Stag Do.

What could go wrong?

A LOT actually!

Firstly the inflight entertainment system wasn't working on his 12 hour flight! THEN the US customs officers wanted to have a "little chat" with our Mylo as his story for travel didn't seem "legit" enough for them! You shouldn't laugh but come on....this sort of stuff couldn't happen to a BETTER person!

Mylo also told us about one of his mates who kept buying drinks in a bar in Vegas WITHOUT checking the prices. Now every Yorkshire folk knows you ALWAYS ask "HOW MUCH". Well, this bloke didn't ..... TUT TUT.  It wasn't until he got home to find he'd been charge £1500!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out some of his CENSORED holiday snaps HERE...