Check out how these strangers came together to help this worried mum find her little boy!

Every parent has been there. That heart-in-your-stomach moment when you take your gaze away from your little one for a matter of seconds, and they're gone.

Whether it's at the supermarket, a busy street or even your local playground, losing sight of your kids for even a fraction of time is the worst feeling imaginable. 

So imagine the panic of this mother when her young son wandered out of sight on a frantic brazilian beach. 

Luckily, the friendly sun-worshippers who located him had the genius idea of rather than shouting for the his mum, clapping in unison whilst hoisting the boy aloft would be a much more effective method of finding his worried family, and an onlooker captured the feel-good moment on film. 


Check out what happened below!



It's so lovely when stories like this have a happy ending!

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