And the WORST drivers in Yorkshire are from....

The WORST drivers in Yorkshire are....


Yup, it's been reported that our hilly little town makes it more difficult for learner drivers to pass.

APPARENTLY there's one woman from Hecky that's taken a WHOPPING 34 tests!

According to a study, SHOCKINGLY a whopping 60% of drivers in Yorkshire admitted to TWO of THE MOST DANGEROUS driving offences... 

speeding and even TEXTING whilst driving.

Half of people asked admitted to having road rage. Yikes don't upset Yorkshire folk! 




Check out the top 10 BAD habits of Yorkshire drivers:

1) 66% of people say they drive too fast!

2) 62% say they have TEXTED whist driving!

3) 60% of people have THROWN RUBBISH out the window!

4) 57% have used a hands free device.

5) 54% have had a bite to eat behind the wheel.

6) 49% said they're bad when it comes to tailgating

7) 48% of us Yorkshire folk are middle lane hoggers!

8) 48% of us check our phone notifications.

9) 47% admit to driving... TOO SLOWLY!

10) 46% light up behind the wheel.