A fast food diet?! WHERE DO I SIGN?!?!?!

If you're anything like us, your metabolism slowed down with you were 3 and since then you're life's been one big diet. 

You've got Sue in accounts who eats sweets all day and is still a size 6 and you just have to look at a speck of dust and your cellulite's increased by 50%. 

Well, we think we've found the answer....

THE FAST FOOD DIET... aka the "Dirty Keto". 



It follows the basic principal of eating 60%-75% of fats per day, 15%-30% of protein and 5%-10% carbs. 

The "keto" bit comes from the fact it gets your body into a state of Ketosis ( don't know what that is either and quite frankly doesn't sound the healthiest way to maintain weight loss) but apparently it's a way of getting your body used to using fat rather than sugar. In fact, it's been tipped as just  "a temporary fix at best"

 DRAT. That's it then, back to kale and ice cubes for me then.