Bradford Vaisakhi Parade Road Closures

The Vaisakhi parade takes place in Bradford city centre today. Here are the closed roads

Gobind Marg - the full length
Joseph Street - from Garnett Street to Gobind Marg
Garnett Street - the full length
Barkerend Road - from New Otley Road to Harewood Street
Barkerend Road - from New Otley Road to Shipley Airedale Road
New Otley Road - the full length
Sycamore Close - the full length
Otley Road - from Cliffe Road to New Otley Road
Welham Walk - the full length
Cliffe Road - the full length
Bolton Road - from Queens Road to Shipley Airedale Road
Queens Road - from Queens Road to Bolton Road
Shipley Airedale Road - at junction with Bolton Road
Bolton Road - from Shipley Airedale Road to Lower Kirkgate
Church Bank - the full length
Barkerend Road - from Church Bank to Shipley Airedale Road
Stott Hill - the full length
Peckover Street - the full length
Burnett Street - from Vicar Lane to Upper Park Gate
Vicar Lane - the full length
Chaple Street - the full length
Currer Street - the full length
East Parade - the full length
Leeds Road - at junction with Shipley Airedale Road
Shipley Airedale Road - from Peckover Street to Croft Street
Wakefield Road(outbound) - from Croft Street to New Hey Road
Prospect Street - from Wakefield Road to Bolling Road
Hall Lane - from Wakefield Road to Caledonia Street
Hall Lane - from Prospect Street to Usher Street
Barnard Road - from Usher Street to Rutland Street
Usher Street - the full length
Bowling Back Lane - the full length
Sticker Lane - from Parsonage Road to Leeds Road
New Lane - the full length
Kershaw Street - the full length
Bradford Lane - from Napier street to Thornbury Street
Thornbury Street - the full length
Redmire Street - the full length
Wensleydale Road - the full length
Derby Road - the full length
Raglan Street - the full length
Birksland Street - the full length
Mount Street - from Birksland Street to Hammerton Street
Edderthorpe Street - from Hammerton Street to Leeds Road
Leeds Road - from Shipley Airedale Road to Birksland Street
Edderthorpe Street - from Ventnor Street to Leeds Road
Ventnor Street - from Gobind Marg to Eddithorpe Street
Dryden Street - from Wakefield Road to New Augustus Street