Who is 'Im a Celebs' Kiosk Keith?

Photo: The Sun

He's become an unlikely national treasure through his role as I'm A Celebrity's grumpiest star and now the real man behind Kiosk Keith can finally be revealed.

The Sun Online has discovered that the iconic character, who has appeared on the show since 2013, is a 52-year-old Aussie labourer who doesn't get paid a penny for his on camera work.

In fact Keith - or Raymond as he's really known - is a set builder who has helped to create the jungle camp since 2002.

He only started moonlighting as the miserable on screen extra when producers spotted his star quality and whacked him in front of the cameras.

Keith's ex Donna, 42, spoke exclusively to The Sun Online about her famous former husband and revealed his identity for the first time.

She explained: "He just thinks it’s funny. It’s just a joke. As far as he’s concerned he’s an average father who goes to work, does Kiosk Keith and goes home."

Donna revealed how Keith found fame unexpectedly after working in production.

She said: "Raymond was employed in the art department - he was just a labourer and he’d done gardening and put the plants in the ground and helped build the backdrops to the some of the scenes and stuff.

"When they brought Kiosk Keith in as a character, they offered him the part. So he just doesn’t do Kiosk Keith, he still works as a labourer out there too.

"They just get him on screen when they need him to do the shack. They will radio him and say, ‘Look, we’re doing the shack now, come up’.

Photo: The Sun

"And he goes up and does Kiosk Keith. And then he goes back to work."

Donna says his work as a TV star can be gruelling with Raymond sometimes working extra hours on top of his 12 hour days to ensure the British public get their fix of Kiosk Keith.

Mum Donna, who has four children with Raymond, also revealed how he doesn't get paid anything extra to be one of the favourite stars of I'm A Celebrity.

Donna said: "He has to stay back sometimes to do some of the games for Kiosk Keith - that’s time when he should be at home.

"He’s not getting paid the kind of money he should be getting paid for Kiosk Keith - Kiosk Keith’s huge."

In fact, Raymond is paid just AUS$25,000 (£14,000) to work on both I'm A Celebrity and the German version which films after the show in the same location.

Before life on I'm A Celebrity, Raymond was born into an Aussie farm family, with his nine siblings and worked on his Catholic parents' dairy farm after school while growing up.

He later joined the army where he spent four years serving his country before leaving to become a newspaper printer by night, and helping his family run the farm by day.

And far from his dour face on I'm A Celebrity would suggest, Raymond is quite different.

Photo: The Sun

"He’s not grumpy, he can be grumpy but he doesn’t walk around with a sour look on his face," said Donna.

Unfortunately though, Raymond's life hasn't always been easy and his past is littered with troubles including an assault charge, multiple DUIs and a domestic incident that saw him arrested over a drunken row with Donna at their family home.

Donna, keen to point out that Raymond had never "punched or slapped" her, explained: "He came home drunk, carrying on like a pork chop.

"He does get very verbally abusive when he’s been drinking and I called the police and the police came out and after him getting into the van they took him into town and processed him."

Unfortunately, Donna revealed how Raymond was sometimes "verbally abusive" after drinking heavily. It was partly this that led to them splitting in 2003, before eventually trying to reconcile in 2006, then accepting they were better off as friends and co-parents.

The couple, who first got together in 1994, are happier than ever apart and now have an excellent relationship with them sharing custody of their children and spending Christmas together each year.

Donna added: "Even after we’d separated, we’ve had our good times and our bad times but you know, we’d still occasionally go and have lunch together, we’ll go shopping together, we still have Christmas together, even though the kids are grown up we still have Christmas together."

She added: "When we first separated it wasn’t good but we’ve been separated long enough now that you know we get along better now than we did when we were together."

The pair can now laugh about Raymond's unexpected fame and even his marriage proposals from fans, though he has remained steadfastly single since splitting from Donna.

"We all kind of laugh about it because we see what’s on Twitter and all these people saying these things about him and marriage proposals and we just laugh."

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