They finally get together

Peter Kay's Car Share viewers were left in flood of tears as John and Kayleigh held hands in the last ever episode.

The first installment that aired tonight ended on a massive cliff-hanger as Kayleigh told John how she feels about him.

The series follows two unlucky-in-love colleagues as they share a ride back and forth to work each day.

Many fans had been hoping that the pair would finally get together at the end of the last episode.

However, at the end of the first one - it looked unlikely.

Kayleigh declared: "I love you and it's killing me you don't feel the same."

John made excuses, but then watched in sorrow as she got out of the car and got into a taxi.

It then cut to a dream sequence in which he chased after her, climbing on top of cars and then pulling her out of the cab and into his arms for a kiss.

It then ended with Peter looking devastated as he sat in the car on his own.

The second episode then showed then getting back to being car share buddies and it looked like everything was back to normal.

However, Kayleigh then made him stop the car to rescue a hedgehog and the door got knocked off.

After the accident the pair had no choice but to ride the bus together, but Kayleigh pulled out some headphones so they could still listen to music.

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