Ryan Thomas wins Celebrity Big Brother

The former Coronation Street actor beat Cheers actress Kirstie Alley to the title - who didn't mind as she kissed Ryan on the lips to celebrate his victory.

After leaving the house a winner, Ryan sat down with host Emma Willis and conversation soon turned to punchgate and Roxanne.

Ryan said it had been a tough time dealing with her accusations that he was a "woman beater" after their playfight.

He said: "It was totally unexpected. It was a sign of affection that I've used on Gabby.

"There was nothing in it, as it unravelled and became bigger and bigger, but when Ben told me she said she was unable to stay in the room because she was scared, that rang alarm bells."

When Emma asked how that made him feel, he replied: "I was a scared little boy.

"Your trust is in a different place. The one thing I held on to in there was Sally as she mothered me from the start and I needed that.

"We all know how something like that can stick on a man, sometimes it can be done in the right way but this was done in the wrong way.

"I wanted out, I thought I would be getting a call from police soon.

"I was glad we had 24-hour surveillance on us as the point was proven."

Meanwhile runner-up Kirstie, 67, admitted she never expected to reach the final and had to borrow an eviction outfit from Sally Morgan.

The actress also admitted to struggling to understand her British housemates.

Kirstie explained: "I thought it was wonderful. Sometimes I couldn't understand everyone, there's a lot of different dialects, but they were more than happy to translate."

"I really loved everyone in the house... I couldn't believe that I could sleep with 13 people in the room.

"Snoring is an issue for me. But also light. My room is blacked out where I sleep and there were lights on all the time. But it's made me a better person and I've made a lot of good friends. I had fun."

Dan Osborne finished in third place and admitted he struggled the most with being away from his kids.

He told Emma: "That's the most important thing to me, making my family proud.
"They are the most important thing and as long as they are proud I'm a happy man."

Emma asked what he had learned about himself and if he thought he could have a fresh start when he got home to wife Jacqueline Jossa.

He said: "I know I'm not perfect, but having time in there makes you appreciate what you have, like speaking to my children.

"It also made me reflect on the things I don't do right, like in my marriage. I hope she's still talking to me after this.

"I know it's changed me a lot as a person for the better and I've seen what I've done wrong and all I want is a happy home for my kids and for my wife."

Emma also asked about his friendship with Gabby Allen.

He said: "For the first few days we felt we should keep our distance, it felt a bit weird.

"But we're living together 24 hours a day and she's a lovely girl. We do just get on."

Love Island star Gabby was the first celebrity evicted last night.

Gabby received a mixed reception from the crowd and admitted she wasn't prepared for the boos.

Emma asked her about her friendship with Dan after she was seen saying she loved him during their final meal together.

Gabby said: "Dan, we get on so well and there's no hiding that.

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