Rolling Stones set to unveil new studio album

Snippets of the band playing a bluesy number have been teased on Twitter, with speculation of a new album reaching fever pitch.

The Rolling Stones have hinted they are planning to release their first studio album in more than 10 years, with the band set to make an announcement at 2pm today.

It follows a tantalising 10-second clip of the mega-rockers playing a bluesy number in the studio.

The band's long-running producer, Don Was, told French media in recent days that The Stones had recorded an album covering Chicago blues songs.

According to Le Figaro, it took just three days to complete the album - with the group opting for a simple microphone set up to make the tracks raw and authentic.

The Rolling Stones, who formed in London back in 1962, have not released new material since 2005.

But Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood have been far from shrinking violets - playing round-the-world tours continually.



Notable achievements of late include becoming the first Western rock band to stage a major concert in Cuba, when they played to an estimated 500,000 people for free.

They're also set to join other stalwarts of the music world - including the likes of The Who, Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney - for a three-day outdoor festival dubbed "OldChella".

The event, officially known as Desert Trip, aims to bring together the top living legends in rock history. Roger Waters and Neil Young are also set to perform.

Richards, the 72-year-old lead guitarist for The Stones, has spoken often of his love for the Chicago blues and the influence it had on him when he was growing up and playing music in England.

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