Phil Collins announces comeback tour

Veteran British singer Phil Collins has announced he is coming out of retirement for a comeback tour next summer.

Against all odds, the former Genesis frontman will be back on the road, playing five nights in London followed by two dates each in Paris and Cologne.

Not Dead Yet, Live will see the 65-year old singer return with classics like In the Air Tonight and Another Day in Paradise.

Asked by Sky News about new hits being added to the mix, Collins said: "I think it's probably safer to say 'probably not', rather than saying 'yes they will' and then people get disappointed."

The singer and drummer - who has sold more than 100 million records as a solo artist - also spoke openly about his struggle with alcoholism since his last tour almost 10 years ago.

"I stopped work because I wanted to be a dad at home. As bad luck would have it, as soon as I retired, my family split up. I didn't have anything to go home to really. That's when I started drinking," he told a press conference in London.

Collins has sustained nerve damaged through years of drumming, meaning it is unlikely he will get behind the kit when the tour starts in June.

He told Sky News his teenage son Nick, who also plays the drums, is ready to step in and will tour with him.

"We did one in March and he played very, very well. Then we did two similar shows in Switzerland in June and he'd gotten a lot better. And I said if I go out, I want him to play."

Collins announced his retirement back in 2011, but in a 2015 interview said he had changed his mind.

At the press conference, he said he did not rule out a possible Genesis reunion - and confirmed interest in performing duets with Pharrell Williams and Adele.

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