Peter Kay replaces Sylvester Stallone

He has signed a big-money deal with baker Warburtons

It is proving to be a cushty deal for Peter, who hails from Bolton where the company was founded.

A source said: “Peter did the John Smith’s adverts but other than that he’s kept his powder dry.

“But he liked what Warburtons were offering, and given he’s a Bolton boy it felt like a good fit.

“It’s also a very healthy payday.”

He will begin work on the series of ads next week, shooting scenes in Manchester.

In 2015, The Sun revealed how Rocky star Sly had been signed up to make several ads for Warburtons.

One saw him running up the steps of Bolton Town Hall holding a loaf of bread in each hand — a take-off of one of Rocky’s most famous scenes.

He also shot adverts at the firm’s Wakefield factory.

Replacement Peter knows a thing or two about acting, too.

His BBC sitcom Peter Kay’s Car Share, which sees him driving around his local area, is a Bafta-winner, and his turn in Cradle to Grave won him critical acclaim.

While the Warburtons payday for Peter will be welcome, he’s in no need of a handout.

His 2010-11 tour played to a record 1.2million people and he has sold more than ten million DVDs.

Together they have helped make him one of the richest comedians — with a fortune approaching £50million.

I reckon he won’t need to spend a penny of that on bread ever again.


From Dan Wootton's The Sun's Bizarre columnist

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