Peter Kay in new TV advert

Peter Kay has delivered another classic advert by putting an hilarious spin on classic period drama Pride and Prejudice for bread brand Warburtons.

The comedian pitches an historical tale to the Warburtons chief to mark its 141st year.

In it he takes on the role of Bolton born seed salesman Thomas Warburton, a poor man's Mr Darcy, and seduces a young noblewoman played by Emma Connell.

Against her father's wishes, he crashes her wedding in the grounds of a stunning estate and takes for his own.

Dressed in 19th century finery, Peter drops in some of his most famous catchphrases from his career including "garlic bread" and "Av it!" - from his iconic John Smith's ad.

He even has a Poldark moment as he scythes wheat in a field, hilariously ripping open his shirt to reveal a body doubles' chiselled body.

Earlier this year The Sun revealed the Phoenix Nights star had signed a big money deal with the bakery brand.

The comedian was the ideal choice for Warbutons – who hail from Peter’s hometown – and when he was offered the deal he couldn’t turn it down.

A source told The Sun: “Peter did the John Smith’s adverts but other than that he’s kept his powder dry.

“But he liked what Warburtons were offering, and given he’s a Bolton boy it felt like a good fit.

“It’s also a very healthy payday.”

He takes over from Sylvester Stallone as the leading man of the bakery company.

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