No More Inbetweeners

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Simon Bird has confirmed that The Inbetweeners is over and the team won’t be reuniting for any more series or shows.

The 32-year-old actor became one of the biggest faces in British comedy thanks to his role as the hapless Will MacKenzie in the show – which followed the lives of four boys as they navigated growing up, school and sex.

Becoming a runaway hit, the show spawned two films on top of the successful series run and became a catchphrase goldmine.

However, Simon has now confirmed that after nearly ten years, the team are done with the franchise.

He told The Guardian: “I can confirm The Inbetweeners is over.”

Speaking about his time on the franchise, Simon revealed he still gets called “w*****” on a daily basis thanks to his introduction to the show

But the actor added: “I’ve no right to complain. To be in a show that people love and quote back at you is the reason you get into this business. I feel privileged to have that experience.”

Since the show first aired in 2008, Simon – alongside his co-stars James Buckley, Blake Harrison and Joe Thomas – have all moved away from their characters on the show.

James, who played the sex-starved and inappropriate Jay, is now married with children – and in an interview with The Sun, had previously joked that his fans are now disappointed to discover he’s living a relatively normal homelife instead of yelling out profanities.

“I’m not a schoolkid, I’m actually a married man with children, I’m not on the pull and not – hopefully – a sex pervert,” he laughs.

“Although who knows? There might be some stuff that comes out in 30 years’ time. That is a joke.

“But I can see a little bit of their soul die. A thing comes over their eyes. People are like: ‘Mental! Where are you off to?’ And I say: ‘Just off to the dry cleaner’s, and we’ve run out of cereal”

Blake Harrison - who played the vacant and dim Neil - has since starred in the film reboot of Dad's Army and is currently starring in Prime Suspect 1973 - a prequel series to the much-loved detective drama.

Joe - who played the eternally nervous Simon - found success in another raunchy sitcom, Fresh Meat.

He is now reportedly engaged to his long-time girlfriend Hannah Tointon after seven years together.

They met on the set of The Inbetweeners when she played a love interest for the schoolboy.

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