Jack and Dani win Love Island

Picture: ITV Pictures

The couple were overwhelmed as host Caroline Flack announced they had won the title and the £50,000 prize money after a nail-biting final episode.

The pair were pitched against Josh and Kaz, Megan and Wes and Laura and Paul as they competed for the top spot.

However, it was firm fan favourites Jack, 26, and Dani, 21, who pulled in the public vote and clinched victory.

During their last interview with Caroline before the result was announced, Jack shocked fans by declaring they will finally be having sex tonight.

Caroline asked if they will be finally "doing bits" and then pushed them further by asking if the big night will be tonight, and Jack said: "Yes".

After the result was announced, fans flocked to Twitter to express their joy, with many revealing they burst into tears when they heard Jack and Dani had won.

One wrote: "Dani and Jack are the winners of Love Island, and in other news the sky is blue #LoveIsland."

Another wrote: "Well done Dani & Jack worthy winners #loveisland."

A third added: "Happy that Dani and Jack won #loveisland but equally as happy that Laura and Paul were in the final 2! Perfect final! @LoveIsland."

There was even a message from Dani's dad Danny, who posted a video online calling her a "winner" before the result was even announced.

He went on to post another celebrating the win from a ride at a Florida theme park, declaring: "Dan, you've only gone and done it!

"We're coming to see ya!"

Megan, who wore an eye-popping dress,  and Wes were the first couple out of the running as they came in fourth place.

The pair tried not to look disappointed as their names were read out, and afterwards Megan said coming fourth was "amazing" and they have "won already."

Kaz and Josh came in third place followed by Laura and Paul who nabbed second.

However, many viewers weren't happy with the ranking and declared the show was "fixed" as Laura and Paul came ahead of Josh and Kaz and Megan and Wes.

When asked about the rankings, Laura said she was "so, so shocked" to be in the final two couples.

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