Housemates send John home

Photo: Channel 5

John Barnes has left the Celebrity Big Brother house in the shock backdoor eviction.

The former footballer was sent packing by his fellow celebrities in the twist which saw the men and women go up against each other in a Battle of the Sexes.

Host Emma Willis revealed on Friday night's eviction show that one housemate would leave without any fanfare this week, and tonight was the night for John.

John had been up against Ann Widdecombe, Amanda Barrie and Daniel O'Reilly - aka Dapper Laughs - for eviction by the house.

The men and women were then put up against each other in a Battle of the Sexes, with the house carrying out a series of tasks to find a winning team and save their own sex.

The victors then chose one of the two people from the opposite team to be evicted via the backdoor.

So if the male housemates had won the task, they had to choose from either Ann or Amanda, while if the women won, they chose between John and Daniel.

In the end, the women won the battle, having triumphed in the feather task on last night's show and the mental agility tests on tonight's episode.

After much deliberation in the power room, they decided on John, 54, and Big Brother made Malika Haqq deliver the news.

However the star took it all in his stride when he heard his name, and said "That's life".

As he hugged all the women - who were in tears at what they had to do - he got a rousing cheer from his celebrities before heading into the diary room.

Asked how he was feeling, John said: "Surprisingly OK because it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly so I haven't had time for it to sink in.

"But I'm looking forward to seeing my wife and kids.

"I don't feel that they don't like me but they get on better with Dan.

"There's no hard feelings at all, you could see they were upset, they're all great people, I've had a great time in here."

John had to leave despite no public vote or a crowd to welcome him, and will have to wait until tomorrow night to speak to Emma about his time in the house.

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