Game Of Thrones trailer released

The final series will premiere on April 14.

The Starks make their way through the eerie crypt of Winterfell where their ancestors are buried in the teaser clip that has already sparked multiple fan theories about the final season of the fantasy epic.

Some fans are convinced that the statues of Jon, Arya and Sansa at the end of the trailer give a big clue about the upcoming plot.

Arya and Sansa's statues appear to be their current ages - while Jon's is an older version of himself.

So many fans are suggesting that Jon will outlive Arya and Sansa.

At the end of the clip the room freezes over which must mean that White Walkers are heading south.

But while Arya, Sansa and Jon all have statues in the crypt - Bran's is missing.

So perhaps he is now King of the White Walkers?

Elsewhere in the teaser clip, as Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, makes his way through the dark cavern, he passes a statue of Lyanna Stark, voices can be heard and a feather drops on the floor, which fans think is a nod to a previous series.

"You have to protect me," a voice says.

These are the same words Lyanna spoke when she gave birth to Jon and handed the baby to Ned just before she died.

The big reveal from seven seven was that Jon Snow wasn't Ned's bastard but the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen - making him the true heir to the Iron Throne.

Another voice can be heard saying: "This horror that comes from my family, all because I couldn't love a motherless child."

A third reads: "You are a Stark.  You have my name.  You have my blood."

The atmosphere is tense as their torches are blown out and they are left outside in the night with the fog engulfing them.

As the one minute 44 second clip of the fantasy epic comes to an end, the words: "The final season April 14" appears.

GoT viewers have already sparked speculation over what the upcoming season will have in store.

One tweeted: "Please look into the feather falling at the beginning, it’s a huge clue , but it’s not a raven feather as it’s brown and white, it also comes from Jon’s mothers tomb and Bran isn’t there, so maybe a clue to the three-eyed raven or maybe more."

While another fanatic plans to watch previous episodes, they wrote: "God damn it now I'm gonna have to watch season one and look for this again."


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