Frozen II trailer released

Don't expect your children to let go of that Frozen fever just yet.

Six years after the first film was a box office success and two short film spin-offs later - Frozen Fever and Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Disney has released the official Frozen II movie trailer.

The teaser reunites the much-loved and revered characters of the original - Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, magical snowman Olaf, nice guy iceman Kristoff and his trusted reindeer companion Sven.

The trailer opens with a breathtaking sequence showing Elsa run into a dark, stormy ocean, freezing the waves into giant icebergs with her powers as she then dramatically falls into the turbulent waters.

The scene cuts to an even more determined Elsa, dripping from her first attempt (the cold never bothered her anyway), who runs at the sea again, only to suffer the same fate.

It is unclear why she is running into the icy waters, but fans of the first feature-length film will recall that she lost her parents at sea.

There is then a glimpse of her sister, Anna, looking troubled amid floating purple, pink and teal diamonds outside Arendelle castle, before the trailer cuts to Kristoff involved in a chase with Sven.

Olaf makes an appearance in a dramatic scene alongside Elsa, who can be seen using her powers to protect them from impending disaster.

Suddenly, two new characters are revealed in a forest scene - a red-haired girl and a blond boy - then the five main characters are reunited as what appears to be a new land lies before them.

And, just when you think that is the end of the tease, you see the backs of the sisters and Kristoff as they walk through a forest.

Anna suddenly turns and swiftly takes Kristoff's sword and takes a swipe at whatever it is she has spotted behind her.

The two-minute trailer hints at a film which may be darker in tone than the first blockbuster, but it does not give much away in terms of the plot.

Fans will have to wait until 22 November to find out what new adventures lie in store for the Frozen gang.

Kristen Bell, who returns as Anna, posted the trailer on Twitter and wrote: "❄️❄️Its going to be an extra cold November, y'all! :) ❄️❄️ #Frozen2."

Josh Gad, who provides the voice for Olaf, posted the trailer on his account with a message reading: "Surprise!"

He later added: "For the next 9 months, I have to live with the fact that every #frozen2 secret you wish to know resides in my brain. Uh-oh."

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