Ed Sheeran breaks U2's tour record

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He has thanked his fans after it was revealed that his Divide tour is now the most attended and highest grossing of all time.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter paid tribute to his 31.2 million fans on Instagram, saying: "Thanks so much for each and every one of you who have come to a show.

"12 shows left, will never forget it x."

The tour kicked off back in March 2017 and will reach its climax after more than two years at Chantry Park in Sheeran's hometown of Ipswich later this month.

Sheeran will have spent a total of 893 days on the road with this tour, surpassing U2's previous record of 760 days.

Music magazine Pollstar reported that the tour set the record for the highest-grossing of all time with Friday's show in Hannover, Germany, pulling in an estimated $736.7m (£607m).

This again tops U2's record of $735.4m (£606m) set in 2011, despite Sheeran selling tickets for around 14% less on average than the Irish rock band.

Sheeran has also leapfrogged U2's attendance record of 7.3 million.

By the time it ends, the Divide tour will have reached more than 8.5 million people across 43 countries.

Sheeran's manager Stuart Camp said, "What Ed has accomplished is truly incredible.

"To even be in the same ballpark as [U2] or spoken in the same sentence with a touring act like that is very humbling".

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