Drake promises refund after Travis Scott's stage plunge

Drake has promised to refund some 20,000 fans after a technical glitch caused by a fellow rapper's dramatic stage plunge in London.

The Canadian star was performing the second of 17 UK shows on his current Boy Meets World tour when he invited Travis Scott to join him on the O2 stage.

The 24-year-old bounded on to the stage to perform his hit Goosebumps but moments after greeting the screaming crowd he tumbled into a large hole in the middle of the stage.

He disappeared for a few seconds before Drake bent down to help him clamber out of the opening.

Scott appeared uninjured and was soon jumping around the stage again.

However, the tumble apparently damaged the set - preventing a huge globe from emerging from the hole.

When Drake became aware of the problem, he delighted fans by promising: "I'm doing this s*** for free tonight."

He reiterated his offer of a refund as he signed off at the end of the concert, telling the crowd: "London England, I love you, I hope you enjoyed your free show!"

Scott appeared to confirm he was fine after the show, tweeting: "That s*** was fun london is wild."

Drake's current tour has won rave reviews, with The Guardian calling his first London show "authentically spectacular".

If he does follow through with his offer to reimburse his fans, he is unlikely to miss the takings from one concert.

There were 4.7 billion streams of Drake's music last year on Spotify alone and Forbes estimates his wealth at £47m ($60m).

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