Celebs Enter the BB House

Celebrity Big Brother has kicked off with another star-studded launch night, as old faces meet new celebrities in the house.

Emma Willis is set to greet a host of famous faces on the world famous catwalk, with everyone from reality stars to musicians and actors joining forces.

First to enter the house was married couple and reality TV stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.

The pair wore matching leather jackets complete with logos on the catwalk, as Heidi said in her opening VT: “Spencer and I are there to win.”

The second housemate to enter was James Jordan, who branded himself the "Brad Pitt of the dance world".

Addressing his controversial tweets, he said: "99.9% of the time, I'm right."

Next up to enter the house was Jasmine Waltz, who promised to make "more mistakes" following her controversial last appearance, where she enjoyed a romance with Blue star Lee Ryan.

These stars were then taken into a separate room, where they were told they were effectively running the show as "producers", creating tasks and challenges for their fellow housemates.  They were also given the power to "edit out" housemates they didn't like in the line-up.

Meanwhile, next up in the New Stars camp was Kim Kardashian's ex Ray J.

Bianca Gascoigne was soon to join Ray J, as she said: "I'm feisty and opinionated."

She added: "If there's someone in there I find attractive, I will see what happens. I've kissed on camera and I would again."

Next up was an old face in the shape of "fabulous b**** Austin Armacost", who referenced his last romance with James in his opening VT.

He said: "I've just broken up with my fiance of nine years, so I'm looking for some eye candy."

Coleen Nolan joined them, as she announced: "I'm now a very Loose Woman," before adding: "If my gut instinct tells me someone's fake, I'll speak up."

She concluded: "This is going to be a house from hell."

Emma then welcomed Games of Thrones star James Cosmo, who admitted he'll miss listening to Eminem, before comparing his CBB experience to skiing a black run.

X Factor USA star Stacy Francis was next in the house, and she immediately referenced her famous row with the late Whitney Houston in her opening VT.

Joining her was DJ Brandon Block, who spoke about being part of the "biggest music revolution" ever, before joking: "I was more interested in being off my nut".

The star revealed it has impacted his health, before pretended to forget his train of thought in his opening VT.

Jamie O'Hara was the twelfth housemate, and immediately spoke about his marriage to Danielle Lloyd in his opening VT.

"I went through a stage when I was stupid spending stupid amounts of money. I bought my ex wife a white Bentley. That was an expensive day.

The next housemate was Calum Best, who spoke affectionately about his mum Angie.

He immediately referenced his fight with Perez Hilton, and added: "If someone's rude to me they'll know about it."

He went on: "I'm single, a red blooded male, so anything could happen. Watch this space."

In a surprise twist, the final housemate was Calum's mum Angie - the former wife of George Best.

Speaking about the first time they met, she joked: "He forgot to tell his girlfriend he'd invited someone else down."

And speaking about her son, she added: "I aged 100 years."

Shockingly, Calum has no idea his mum is heading in, as she's kept it a secret from him.

Seeing his mum for the first time, Calum was gobsmacked as he said: "That's my mum."

He then added: "I mean we're close, but this is my time. Oh, bless her."

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