Carpool Harry

Harry Styles has donned a dodgy string vest and leather waistcoat for a hilarious Carpool Karaoke skit with James Corden.

The former One Direction star wore the amusing outfit while being driven around Los Angeles by James for his regular slot on The Late Late Show.Having remarked on Harry’s garish orange shirt, 
James questioned whether the singer could in fact pull off any combination of clothing.

He told Harry: “If I was wearing that shirt, I’d just look like I was on my way to a BBQ.”

James then encouraged Harry to wear a “dad golf” jumper, followed by a tight metallic gold t-shirt.

Once in the tee, Harry said: “It’s quite comfortable. But it’s a bit nippley.”

The sketch then panned to James, who was wearing a black string vest.

He said to Harry: “Yours is nippley? My actual nipples…”

As the camera switched back to Harry, he too was wearing the identical vest teamed with a leather waistcoat.

But James questioned: “Even that. Actually, don’t even know if you’re pulling that off or not.

“I’m not sure.”

After telling James to wait, Harry donned a pair of sunglasses.

James concluded: “There’s nothing the man can’t wear.”

During the 13 minute clip, the pair performed a duet of Lionel Richie and Diana Ross’ Endless Love.

James said to Harry: “Your sister said you would do karaoke a lot at home.

“What were your go-to songs?”

Harry replied: “I’d usually like to go for Diana, Lionel, Endless Love.”

But just as the intro began to play, James stopped it dead as Harry started singing Lionel’s lyrics.

He said: “Wait, but who is who?

“You made a bold choice that you were Lionel Richie. Let’s find out.”

The British stars put their heart and soul into their performance, with Harry sticking with Lionel’s part and James taking Diana’s.

Harry and James finished by looking into each other’s eyes.

James then whispered: “I need to have a chat with my wife.”

Harry quipped: “I need you have a chat with your wife.”

Meanwhile, Gavin and Stacey star James also chatted to Harry about his solo music career and his first movie role in Dunkirk.

He then got Hazza to act out the famous scene in Titanic when Rose (played by Kate Winslet) asks Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) to draw her naked.

The drive around LA also gave Harry a chance to showcase the new material on his self-titled album Harry Styles.

After singing along to the balled Sign Of The Times, he admitted: "It makes me cry performing it sometimes."

Clarifying himself, Harry added: "In a cool, chilled way."

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