Carla is set for a Christmas return

Before Carla Connor left Coronation Street for a new life in Devon, she had experienced her fair share of heartache.

Her marriage to Peter Barlow fell apart after he cheated on her with Tina McIntyre, and she suffered a miscarriage because of the stress.

And in suitably dramatic style, her return this Christmas after 18 months away will be as fraught as ever.

But this time Carla — played by Alison King, — will be dishing out the bad news, not on the receiving end.

I am told one of her major storylines sees her bed Peter’s brother Daniel Osbourne, leaving her recovering alcoholic ex-partner heartbroken.

A source said: “Carla has always been a character who gets what she wants.

“On her return to the Cobbles this Christmas, she’ll really stir things up by sleeping with Daniel, Peter’s half-brother.

Peter will find out when Daniel starts boasting about how steamy things got between him and Carla.

“Peter tries to play it like he doesn’t care, but he clearly does and Daniel takes great pleasure in winding him up, knowing their history together.”

The Sun gave you the good news back in May that Alison would be reprising her role, after executive producer Kate Oates begged the actress to come back.

Alison had left the show in May 2016 to explore other projects.

During her time away, Alison starred in Sky1 comedy Sick Note, alongside Harry Potter star RUPERT GRINT, and was offered work on a variety of reality shows.

Alison said: “I was offered a few of the celeb shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing but I just didn’t fancy it.”

With all of the ups and downs of playing Carla, the Strictly curse would be far too mundane for Alison.

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