Secret Beyoncé and Jay-Z tour details leaked!

Did someone make a HUGE error or are Beyoncé and Jay-Z keeping a joint tour on the down low?

An On The Run 2 tour date for 30th July in Philadelphia was posted briefly on Beyoncé’s Ticketmaster page saying it was going to be both her and Jay-Z but it was then removed very quickly. Despite it being removed, Beyoncé fans spotted the tour date and have circulated it across social media platforms! It’s safe to say that everyone is a little excited about the prospect of another joint tour between the power couple. 



Everyone's asking the same questions. Was it a huge mistake made by someone (who is now probably running away and hiding)? Is this dream actually a reality? Did they purposely do this to get everyone hyped? Who do we thank? 


After this, I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long before they clear up the situation and put everyone at ease with the truth. 

Let’s sit and wait with our fingers and toes crossed!

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