Brighouse Climb Elevates Awareness For World Sight Day 2018

The climbing event is raising money for Guide Dogs UK.

A visually impaired man is leading the climb to raise more awareness for for the blind and partially sighted on World Sight Day.

A study by the National Eye Research Centre has revealed that sight loss sufferers are to double to more than 4 million by 2050.

Chris Towers, from Bingley, is climbing the UK’s highest man-made outdoor climbing wall in aid of Guide Dogs UK.

Towers said: "Sometimes people think 'well he's got a guide dog so he can just get on with it', but in actual fact, if you're walking down a street and you hear a loud noise and you can't see what actually happened, it can be quite nerve racking"

"I always live in hope that one day they'll find a cure for myself, but for the moment it's just appreciating what I do have"

Chris suffers from Rod-Cone Dystrophy, a disease with a 1 in 40,000 prevalence, which pertains a group of inherited eye disorders that affect the light sensitive cells of the retina called the cones and rods.

"From a very young age I wasn't able to see in the dark because the rods in my eyes had died away

"As a 5-year-old, you don't really realise, you just think its normal life.

"But as I got into my thirties my cones started to deteriorate as well.

"I can see you right now, but its kind of like a silhouette and I get quite a lot of flashing lights in my eyes.

"It's sort of like looking into the fog"

You can donate to the Guide Dogs UK charity by visiting Chris' Just Giving Fundraising Page.

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