West Yorkshire's Churches To Ring Bells For Notre Dame

Notre Dame

They will sound at 7pm on Thursday evening.

Cathedrals and churches across West Yorkshire will ring their bells simultaneously on Thursday evening in solidarity with Notre Dame and the people of France.

The bells, including those of Bradford Cathedral and Halifax Minster, will ring out to mark the tragic fire on Monday and to show support.

(Bradford Cathedral)

At Halifax, the ancient bells will sound from 6.45pm to 7.30pm, when Neil Murray as Tower Captain will lead a 1/4 Peal before the Maundy Thursday Service commences at 7.30pm.

Vicar of Halifax Minster, Canon Hilary Barber said: “Our hearts go out to the worshipping community of Notre Dame and the people of Paris, at the damage to their spiritual home and the loss of their Cathedral in this Holy Week.

“May the crucifixion of Good Friday lead to the resurrection of Jesus Christ and out of the ashes a new Cathedral will rise, bringing hope to the people of France and the whole world.”

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