West Yorkshire Fire 'Going Above And Beyond' To Help In Snow

They've worked with West Yorkshire Police and Highways to help people who've been stranded on the M62.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Ian Bitcon said:

“We are really proud of our staff who have ensured that fire cover across West Yorkshire has been maintained and that all fire engines have remained on the run.

“We have seen examples of staff going above and beyond to ensure that stations are staffed and that our support systems are still operating.

“We have attended a number of incidents over the last few days but it has been business as usual and we have not experienced any particular rise in emergency calls.

“ We have given assistance to West Yorkshire Police and Highways to help people who have been stranded on the M62 yesterday.

“Our general message now to the public is to remain warm and well and look after your communities, friends, relatives or neighbours who may need a helping hand. Consider whether you really need to drive and if you must go out then make sure that you take warm clothes, a hot drink and a fully charged mobile phone and that your vehicle is ready for the road.

“As we near the weekend it’s likely that families will be thinking about getting outdoors and enjoying the snow but please remember not to venture onto frozen ponds or lakes as they are incredibly dangerous.”


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