West Yorkshire's Schools "Should Offer Vegan Lunches''

The Peppercorn, Huddersfield

A Vegan restaurant owner from Huddersfield says that more schools should have vegan options.

Alex owns a 5 star rated restaurant called The Peppercorn in Huddersfield and tells us that children in schools should be given more education on where their food comes from and how it is grown and the hard work behind it. She believes schools should make more educational trips to different food manufacturers and see the whole process for themselves. She also said that it will have a knock on effect and people will become more concerned about what they’re eating’’ and ‘’pick up on the trend.’’

The Peppercorn sells a wide range of foods which uses vegetables to mimic meat into their recipes to create the same effect actual meat would. Some of Alex’s well know dishes include Big Macs, Fish pies and Sausage rolls. The restaurant also sells many sweet treats such as Oreo cakes ice cream, cheesecakes and cupcakes- which are all vegan.

Being vegan is not only just a diet but a lifestyle too. Many millennials have taken on the plant based diet making it the fastest growing dietary trend in the western world. Recently more supermarkets have taken to adding Vegan lunches, Milk and snacks to their shelves.

The month of January is celebrated yearly by millions as ‘Veganuary’, which is a charity that launched in 2014 that encourages many to challenge themselves to having a Vegan diet for the month. Many continue the journey after the month is over and share their stories and experiences online to the charity and other vegan blogs.

 Statistics show that there was a significant increase in the amount of people who partake in the annual ‘Veganuary’ campaign. Many were just curious to see how vegans deal with a plant based diet and how the body processes it. A stereotype around veganism is that they don’t have many options in terms of eating a filling meal and many of those who took part in the campaign said they were ‘‘surprised by how many different recipes there are out there and how many different ranges of dishes they could make with simple ingredients found at their local supermarkets.’’

It’s not only claimed that a vegan diet improves personal health, but experts also claim going Vegan cuts your carbon footprint in half and affects the environment in a positive aspect by decreasing stress and damage, all of which is often caused by human actions as well as helping to preserve habitats and species.


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