'Pioneering' Motorway Noise Barrier Almost Complete

The scheme is expected to be completed in April.

Highways England say the UK’s first combined noise and safety barrier - being installed on the M1 here in West Yorkshire - is nearing completion. 

The barrier near Wakefield is being installed by Highways England along a section of the M1 close to Denby Dale (J39). The barrier will reduce noise levels for residents living nearby and improve safety for drivers.

Highways England project manager Sujad Hussain said: “It is the first system of its kind in the UK that will act as both a noise and safety barrier. This solution will reduce the amount of vegetation we need to remove and it also allows us to create a continuous stretch of barrier over the bridge, which would be difficult using other methods.

“This area of the M1 has been identified as a national hotspot by Defra in relation to noise. Feedback from residents meant that it was one of the first areas we wanted to tackle using money from a special environment fund.

“We are working on the barrier 24 hours a day. A 50mph speed limit is in place to allow our workers to safely excavate and install the barrier while working close to the carriageway.”

The barriers, three at three metres high and one at 1.85 metres, are being made off site and then assembled, meaning there will be less chance of weather having an impact on the work. It will also be safer and less disruptive to residents overnight as there will be fewer vehicles moving around the work site.

Highways England has a £39 million designated fund to reduce noise levels for people living close to motorways and major A roads, which includes installing noise barriers in areas where they are likely to have a significant benefit for local communities.

The scheme is expected to be completed in April.

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