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Ninety Guns Surrendered To Police In West Yorkshire

It's the result of the force's national firearms amnesty.

Large numbers of guns and ammunition have been handed in during West Yorkshire Police’s firearms surrender.

Ninety firearms were surrendered between Saturday 20 July and Sunday 4 August, alongside large quantities of ammunition including 1500 shotgun cartridges.

Weapons handed in included 31 ‘live’ firearms including 21 handguns, eight shotguns, a taser and a rifle.

The surrender, which was held nationally in police forces across England and Wales and supported by West Yorkshire Police, gave people the opportunity to hand in firearms without the fear of prosecution for possessing them.

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Mark Ridley of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Illegally held firearms can cause great harm to the communities we serve.

“These are now firearms that can no longer pose a threat and I would like to thank everyone who brought guns in.

This surrender was part of the ongoing work to reduce this type of crime, which also includes having dedicated resources to investigate firearms discharges and using gang injunctions to target those individuals caught up in the cycle of organised criminality which often includes the use of and access to illegal firearms.”

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