Huddersfield Leading The Way In The Epic Monopoly Battle Against Halifax

Huddersfield could be getting its own Monopoly board game

The board game's manufacturer 'Hasbro' annually creates new UK cities and regional editions of the game since 1998. 

This year, more than 20 locations from the North of England were selected to participate in the battle, but only two were shortlisted for the final decision. That's Huddersfield and Halifax. 

The two pennine towns - both whose reputation has soared to its national status in the last couple of years have been racing out with each other to show which town has the most potential 'pride', and it looks like Huddersfield is winning!

With the polls currently showing 64% of the people who have voted for Huddersfield, whilst 36% plucked for Halifax. 

Lord Mayor of Huddersfield, Christine Iredale says; "Huddersfield is an amazing place, we have a fantastic premier league football team, we have Huddersfield Choral Society who are well renowned throughout the world. We had Sir Harold Wilson as our politician, we have the Huddersfield Town Hall and the railway station which are both iconic buildings. I think that Huddersfield is really an amazing place, obviously I am biased but I could not imagine wanting to live anywhere else".
The Lord Mayor of Calderdale Councillor Ferman Ali says; "For some people it would be good for the area, Calderdale has got a lot of heritage sites and I think it's a one-off oppotunity for either towns to have their own personalised game and any town would be proud of that. To have Halifax as one of the two finalist is already a big achievement for us".  

The gaming company has been urging people to vote before the polls close on the 3rd March at midnight. The final announcment of the democratically elected winning location will be made immediately after. 

The new game will go into production with the edition showcasing property landmarks from the winning town and will be ready in time for this Christmas.  

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