Firefighters Threatened With ‘Weapons’

Local firefighters were threatened with weapons, pelted with missiles and verbally abused over a three-month period – a new report has revealed.

A report into work by West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service between April and June reveals that there were 22 attacks on firefighters in that period.

In Bradford there were nine incidents, including an occasion where a weapon was brandished at a crew from Bradford Station, and four incidents of stones or other missiles being thrown at crews.

Although there were no serious injuries during these attacks, one of the incidents damaged a fire engine.

Over the previous 12-month period there were 75 attacks on firefighters.

The report, which goes before West Yorkshire Fire Authority on Friday, adds: “The Chief Fire Officer re-emphasises that even one attack is one too many and that every assistance and encouragement will be given to the police to bring offenders to court.

“Work is continuing with a variety of agencies from the police and district councils to community groups and youth leaders to address these issues.”

It says there are a number of projects to try to deal with the issue of violence towards firefighters, including:

  • Communicating a positive image of the Fire Service in the community
  • Taking part in community events to support this image
  • Publicising through the media any arrests made by the police
    and any sentences given by the courts

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