Child Sex Offences At All-Time High

According to the NSPCC, nationally, there is now one every eight minutes.

The number of child sex offences recorded by West Yorkshire Police rose by 9% last year.

Across the UK, the figure has reached an all-time high with over 64-thousand recorded offences last year. That’s a 15% increase to last year.

New figures obtained via freedom of information request to police found officers recorded crimes including rape, sexual assault and grooming.

193 of the offences recorded throughout the UK where against babies younger than ages one.

The NSPCC believes the dramatic increase could be down to a number of factors:
- police forces improving recording methods.
- Survivors feeling more confident in disclosing abuse.
-Online groomers becoming a significant problem with predators able to reach hundreds of children.  

Craig Thorley from the charity said “with the added complexity that comes with online child sexual offences, government need to help the police by giving them more resources to ensure that they can provide high quality training and support to officers on the front line”

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