Bradford Ice Arena Expecting Busiest Weekend Of The Year

Dancing on Ice combined with the start of the Winter Olympics are set to inspire us to pull on our skates.

Bradford Ice Arena say this weekend could be their busiest of the year.

The Winter Olympics start in Pyeongchang on Friday and, combined with Dancing on Ice, they're set to inspire hundreds of us to try winter sports.

Andrew Brown, Operations Manager at Bradford Ice Arena, said: "We see a big uptake once Dancing on Ice starts on TV.

"So numbers have increased rapidly in the past couple of weeks, and even since Christmas once the adverts start.

"Most people are fairly sensible but there are always one or two who think they can be the next Olympic champion; they're the ones that end up on their backsides!

"Hopefully Team GB will do well. If not, even just the extra publicity and media coverage is enough to generate more people to want to come skating.

Listen below to our interview with Andrew Brown:

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