Bradford Council warned of incoming group of drug dealers targeting Shipley

Despite this, crime in the constituency has fallen in the last 12 months.

A group of drug dealers is coming from outside the area to “ply their trade” near Bingley’s Myrtle Park, Councillors will be told.

Representatives of the Shipley Neighbourhood Policing Team will tomorrow give local Councillors an update on crime in the constituency, ranging from drug dealing in Bingley to a new generation of anti social yobs “coming through the ranks” in Windhill and Wrose.

The team will discuss crime figures and concerns throughout the area at Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee, meeting in Shipley Town Hall at 6pm.

A report from West Yorkshire Police going to the committee highlights the different issues facing the different areas it covers.

It says crime was slightly down in Shipley constituency last year – 8,659 incidents in 2019 compared to 8,728 in 2018.

There were drops in the numbers of several crime types, including burglary and shoplifting, but rises in others, such as violence and robbery.

Discussing issues in Bingley, the report highlights concerns raised by residents about drug dealing in and around Myrtle Park in the town centre.

It says: “There has been some interesting stop and searches conducted recently which have caused us to change tactics.

“The vehicles reported as dealing are actually customers. We have now credible intelligence that there is a group coming from outside the area to ply their trade locally to us.”

There had been persistent reports of anti-social behaviour around the 5 Rise Shopping Centre.

Although this problem eased off in the Summer, police say it has recently “ramped up” again. The report adds: “We are looking at a fresh approach and different longer term solutions to stop the issues from re-occurring again.”

In Wharfedale burglary remains a concern, with ‘cross border’ offenders using rural routes to evade traffic cameras to attack properties in the more affluent areas.

In Baildon police have recently focused on tackling speeding and burglary/vehicle crime.

Referring to Windhill and Wrose, the report says: “We have seen some new faces ‘coming through the ranks’. They have shown a lack of respect for their neighbours, their community and the authorities.

“This has been tackled using positive policing methods. If we have been lacking evidence for some of the more serious reports they have been dealt with positively for the lesser offences that would have been finalised with out of court disposals in different circumstances.

“We have had some positive impact within the organised crime groups, whilst they are still present we have taken the gains and been successful in our efforts to disrupt and slow down/halt their activities.”

Referring to Shipley, the report says: “We have re-invigorated the Shipley Business Watch, as a group we are looking to include the local public houses. They are also looking at the possibility of linking with Saltaire, we have found that the successes we have achieved in Shipley has moved the issues to Saltaire and Salts Mill complex.”

In Bingley Rural, the main issues are anti-social driving and fly tipping.

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