Town Will Not Be 'Spending Recklessly' This Summer

Dean Hoyle

Read the thoughts of chairman Dean Hoyle after their relegation from the Premier League.

Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle has declared he will not 'gamble with the Club’s future by spending recklessly' this summer.

Relegation from the Premier League was confirmed on Saturday with defeat to Crystal Palace.

It ends Town's two-season stay in the top flight.

In a statement, on the club's official website, Hoyle said: "The Club, myself included, is always learning and we must accept that we have got things wrong this season; the truth is you don’t end up where we are in the table unless that is the case. There have been some unexpected circumstances that haven’t helped as the year unfolded, but we must take full responsibility for what has happened, and the buck ultimately stops with me.

"We have six Premier League games still to play and we owe it to you to put everything into them. I think they can be very useful as we begin to plan for next season and we must make sure we learn from each match; they cannot go to waste.

"Despite the season we’ve had, I must stress that this Club is in its best position in modern memory. We are strong in every area and we have made sure that our first foray in the Premier League will have lasting benefits for Huddersfield Town, such as the legacy that our improved training ground will give for years to come. Sustainability is so important for every club.

"Our stability was one of the main reasons we reached the Premier League and that must be the focus again as we return to the Sky Bet Championship next season. Naturally players will depart and arrive during what promises to be a very busy summer, but we will not gamble with the Club’s future by spending recklessly.

On head coach Jan Siewert, he adds: "Jan has a very clear playing identity, which is vitally important to us. It allows us to recruit players who will fit his style, which is where we had our success ahead of the 2016/17 season.

"As well as recruitment, we want to be the fittest team, the hardest-working team and show a real togetherness. If we put all those elements together, it’ll be an exciting prospect for every Town fan."

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