Huddersfield's Marcus Ellis Wins Bronze At Commonwealth Games

He's helped England's mixed badminton team finish in third place.

Badminton star Marcus Ellis, who's from Huddersfield, has won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games on Australia's Gold Coast.

He and playing partner Chris Langridge beat Singapore 3 nil in the men's double match, their victory meant England's mixed team finished in third place.

Ellis started playing badminton at a young age, when his dad took him to the Colne Valley Leisure Centre in Slaithwaite.

He lived in Huddersfield until the age of 17, when he began training at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes.

The 28 year old has already won an Olympic bronze at Rio in 2016, but this is his first Commonwealth medal.

Marcus Ellis said:

“Maybe we underestimated them and we slacked off a little bit. We were not expecting losing the game after winning the set but credit to them, they came back really well in the second set and they really made us have to play our best out there.

“It’s my first Commonwealth at 28 and I don’t know at this stage if there’ll be another one, hopefully there will but I really don’t want to go home empty handed and I’m really relieved and happy that I managed to help the team get the bronze. There are the individuals coming up so I’m not content yet.

“This is the toughest event because of the team event followed by individual so for me it’s a ten days period competition and if I want to get through the final stages and actually medal I will have to break that physical barrier. I am quite a physical player so I’m quite happy to do it, but it’ll still be a challenge.”

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