Recycle Together - with LCF Law

Pulse 1, Pulse 2 and LCF Law need you

We need you to listen.
We need you to think.
We need you to help.
We need you to make a difference.

Did you know that only 27% of our household waste is recycled?
No? We didn’t either...
but now we do and we want to do something about it.

Our Recycle Together campaign is here to help you understand recycling – What can you recycle? Why should you recycle? How can you help? What happens to your recycling? How can you make a difference?

We get there’s lots to think about and it’s not always easy to understand, so we want to give you the facts.

Whether you’re an individual, a school or a workplace, we can all do our bit to make a difference.

Let’s Recycle Together...
with LCF Law, Pulse1 and Pulse 2