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Pulse 1 Merchandise Shopping Portal
This is Ditchy's Official Pulse 1 Merchandise Shopping Portal... great stuff to be sold at dirt cheap prices.  Once it's gone... it's gone!

Thank you for shopping with Mylo & Rosie - HAVE A GREAT DAY! x
Please make your selections below:
I accept: VISA, Mastercard, that Amex, Cash (preferred) and Cheque (as long as it aint a bouncin' one)
Can't get enough of me? Catch me on Pulse 1
For sale:
Official Ditchy
She Wee
Official Ditchy
Flannel and Towel Set
Official Ditchy
Ditchy Hoe
Official Ditchy
Toilet Roll Holder (knitted) & Toilet Seat Cover Set
Official Ditchy
Official Ditchy
Official Ditchy
Slow Cooker

For Ditchy's full range of Feminine Hygiene Products

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